Creating Compelling Amazon Product Videos with Professional Graphic Design

Amazon Product Videos

What else do I need if I already have good images for an Amazon product listing, you might be asking. Or, is producing product videos for Amazon worth the effort?


Let’s give it some thought, then. Images are no longer the dominant form of content visualization. Therefore, you must create something distinctive if you want to remain competitive in the industry.


The Amazon A+ content strategy is the improved feature that enables you to include appealing data on the product description page, such as high-definition videos, high-quality photos, comparison charts, and more. It is known to help you stand out from the competition.


While photographs can make your listing spectacular, people are more impressed by video content. According to research on digital consumer interaction strategies from 2021, 81 percent of market leaders promoted their products with pre-produced films.


We’ve listed several key processes for producing an Amazon product video below, along with their significance.


But let’s address the fundamental query first.


Amazon product videos:

The goal of Amazon is to improve the buying experience for consumers. With millions of potential clients at its disposal and a huge selection of goods and appealing graphics, Amazon has emerged as one of the most alluring and important selling aspects. Product descriptions and photos are now equally crucial to visitors, and Amazon has added video listings to boost a product’s visibility.

Short videos called “Amazon product videos” showcase the benefits of your product and demonstrate how to utilize it by jokingly sharing product usage suggestions with viewers. Additionally, these product videos increase conversions.

Please take note that Amazon only allows nine photos to be uploaded at once for product listings. You must allow room if you plan to submit a video to promote your goods. We advise you to insert your video and fewer pictures.


Product listings and amazon videos:

It’s difficult to deny that Amazon is home to some of the most popular items in the e-commerce industry. Their service quality and remarkable usability are at the top of their game.


It is undoubtedly necessary to have eye-catching photographs when deciding to promote a product on Amazon, but these days, given the rise in video views on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, taking your marketing push to the next level with video will be successful.


Videos provide information:

Amazon seller videos provide you the opportunity to spend more time with a viewer whereas an image or collection of images just provides a brief explanation of a product’s characteristics. A well-made product description video allows potential customers to explore your product listing in further detail. Visitors can more readily decide to buy your product while watching the live video.

Explain the product through videos:

A video depicts moving objects as opposed to stationary pictures. While pictures can convey a product’s essentials, videos demonstrate the product in use and highlight all of its features.


Videos increase seo:

Search engines continuously trawl the web for information and adjust their results to match user queries. You can improve your chances of ranking in a search engine like Google by using keywords in the title of any instructional videos you post to your listing for your product. The visibility, exposure, and conversions of your product can all be aided by this.

With product-related details and keywords placed on your product page, you can improve your store’s position.

Turns visitors into buyers with the help of amazon videos:

People visit your product page to make a purchase. Next, what? What you need to do is maintain interest among your potential customers. The fact is that not all items cater to consumers. In either case, films assist in allaying worries and queries regarding goods, which in turn motivates customers to make a purchase. Visitors may be greatly influenced by an appealing picture, leading them to buy your product.



By launching the A+ content capability, Amazon has added video and given vendors and sellers cutting-edge tools.


The A+ content approach, formerly known as the enhanced brand content in Amazon, features advanced Amazon product listing. Videos from Amazon Seller Central include the feature.

The updated Amazon seller videos will be available to all Amazon vendors and sellers.


Keep in mind that before uploading videos to your product listing, you should register with the brand registration. To post videos to Amazon product listings, brand owners, merchants, and vendors must first register.


Making videos for amazon products:

When trying to make a video that seems professional, it is advised that you think about the following:


Will you hire a video production company, a camera, or a smartphone?

Determine the type of video that will work best for your product.


Find or buy additional lighting

What platform will you be using, and who will be editing the final product?

When you’re not sure where to begin or want a video production crew that can perform the task for you with ease, find the pros.


Types of amazon product videos:

Product highlight videos:

The general qualities of the product are highlighted in the product highlight video. These movies are clear, brief, and easy to understand.


The highlight movie gives you the chance to see the product from all sides and understand how valuable it is. Use the highlight film to demonstrate your items in action and to explain to viewers how valuable they are.


Describing the long terms benefits:

An explainer video is a quick, effective marketing piece that explains the intricacies of your company’s operation, service, or good. The following is what a top explainer video ought to accomplish:


Describe the long-term benefits of using your product.

Use clear words and vibrant images.

Display the look and feel, and thoroughly describe the characteristics.


Lifestyle videos:


A lifestyle video depicts your ideal consumer using your goods properly. A lifestyle video’s main goal is to have the audience either see themselves in the image or want to recognize and utilize the product shown in the image. The following should be in a lifestyle video.

establishing a link between your offering and the experience you receive demonstrating the product’s utility, interaction, and expectations displaying the distinctive character of your brand.


video comparisons

This sort of video type uncovers all the secrets by comparing features, in contrast to other videos that describe the features and the specific usage of the products.


While comparing the products, customers come up with better solutions and product ideas. While contrasting the results of competitors, the comparison video explains the product uniquely.


However, you must bear the following in mind:


  • While comparing yourself to the competition, you must not use the competitors’ names.
  • The potential of your product should be compared to that of a rival.


brand story videos

Videos of brands presenting their stories are very popular. Why? Simply because consumers want to relate to your brand’s offerings, mission, and reasons for choosing it over rivals.


Videos telling brand stories may feature some or all of the following:


  • Introduction to the brand and its goals
  • The Creators
  • The product’s intended market
  • distinctions from competing brands


final thoughts:


One of the finest ways to improve your Amazon product listing experience is through video advertising. You can make product videos for Amazon to raise the status of your product page since search engines value video content more than text or images.


You can differentiate yourself and compete in the e-commerce market by following our detailed suggestions.

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